Homeopathy is a gentle system of medicine that approaches each patient as a unique individual. Based on individual symptoms, a homeopath will match the most appropriate medicine to each patient. This medical system was developed by a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, in 1796 and has been used world-wide ever since.

It is a natural and effective form of holistic medicine  as it considers each person's physical, mental, spiritual and emotional symptoms in order to prescribe a remedy to stimulate the body’s own natural healing process, to improve the immune system and help achieve a better state of health and well-being. Homeopathy looks at the whole person to encourage harmony and balance rather than just treating the disease.

Homeopathic medicines, referred to as "remedies", contain such tiny doses of the curative substance that they are completely non-toxic and do not interfere with conventional medical treatment. The remedies are safe to use during pregnancy, and can be given to babies and children.

Homeopathy can help with:

  • Hormone imbalances such as PMT, fertility issues, menopause and hot flushes
  • Depression, stress, anxiety, sinusitis, allergies, hay fever and addictions
  • Asthma, eczema, skin complaints, ear infections, tonsillitis, recurring coughs and colds
  • Childhood illnesses; colic, teething, glue ear and behavioural problems
  • Insomnia, migraines, headaches, pre and post pregnancy symptoms
  • Sickness, nausea, vomiting, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and bowel issues
  • Bladder, urinary tract infections
  • Post-operative surgery complications and many more conditions 

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